What’s Happening Princess and the Pea was selected as an International Best Book for Young People with Disabilities! ASL Tales is part of a research project to measure the impact on reading competence for all children.  Pilot testing will begin in early Fall of 2013. The Tortoise and the Hare and Annie's Tails will be available soon. Sign up on our mailing list to get release dates.
Even non-signers can fully enjoy the ASL story. Unexpected opportunities for learning ASL and English. Applications for enhancing literacy and cognitive development for all children - Deaf and hearing. Voice recorded in many languages for families learning English.
What People Are Saying... From a daycare provider who taught sign vocabulary - The children love learning language this way.  It is much more effective since they remember it better and are much more engaged.  - CC, Maine From the mom of a Deaf daughter - Thanks & please keep the books coming! They're gorgeous, the ASL interpretation is inspiring and as a tri-lingual family (English-French-ASL) the language options for us parents are much appreciated. - SK, Seattle From a mom who teaches sign classes to families -  We adore your books at our house! These are a perfect fit for my classes because, unlike other baby/toddler/children materials, they teach  about the importance of where ASL comes from and include facts about Deaf culture and history... your ASL storybooks are a great resource for parents as well as enjoyable stories for children!  - MI, Illinois
                ASL Tales
A New Way of Experiencing American Sign Language and English
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