A New Way of Experiencing American Sign Language and English
                ASL Tales
DAYCARE PROVIDERS With so many sign books and signed music videos out there, why use ASL Storytelling?  This site is filled with reasons why:  ASL Tales honors the language and culture of Deaf people; the pairing of an implicit English text and explicit ASL text encourages them to think about meaning; they will actually learn functional language;  and they are expanding their capacity to create visual messages.  All of these, and more, not only provide a fun activity for a Daycare setting, they actually are teaching important skills that will impact long term learning. You already know that kids love signing.  And we know kids love our books.  Because the ASL Tales technology allows even non-signers to teach accurate information about ASL to children, you'll have fun learning along with your kids! See Dr. Kennedy's two articles (article 1 and article 2) on the benefits of ASL Tales.
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