A New Way of Experiencing American Sign Language and English
You may wonder – how can learning sign language support children in improving their English skills?? From one classroom trial, the teacher sent us this: A reading challenged ELL student was reading after one week of using your books:I said, “That’s a different voice.” He said, “I’m reading in Pinky’s voice.” “What voice would that be? The mouse with the big head from Pinky and the Brain?” I asked. (We both love cartoons.) “No, the other Pinky. The Princess and the Pea  Pinky. Sign Language Pinky. I’m reading like her face reads.              Read more from this teacher
ASL Tales serves to scaffold students in fully understanding the meaning of the English text by creating a visual picture of the message. We hear reports of ASL Tales' contribution in breaking through barriers relating to fear of failure/low self- esteem, understanding metaphors, remembering vocabulary, motivation for reading, and a long list of other potential benefits. In one classroom, the students announced that they were looking forward to two things in the Spring semester --- Fun Day, and their week with ASL Tales: Rapunzel!
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