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ASL Tales for Early Childhood Educators Don't really know sign, but know that signing is good for your children?  ASL Tales’ books are designed for even non-signing instructors to excite children about learning to communicate in sign.  If you're already using sign, you'll love our books/DVDs.  Peek at our ASL Clues, check out how we teach vocabulary, see pages  from our books, and explore the learning center for ideas about using our books.
What People Are Saying... I can tell you unequivocally that the tales are fun for the kids, they love learning this way.         - Cindy, daycare provider teaching with                    .         ASL Tales My son has been showing me the story with his hands since he started it in class.  He loves sign language.  We read the book a few times each day and he did the signing that he knew every time!          - Daycare mom I have never seen my son so excited about a book before!  On leaving Thursday, he spied Rapunzel on the stand, grabbed it and sat right down on the floor to look at it.  On the car ride home he told me the whole story in detail, including some of the signs. Thank you for this great addition to your program!         - Daycare mom
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