A New Way of Experiencing American Sign Language and English
                ASL Tales
Paired English-ASL texts show the natural discourse of each language DVD tools allow for targeted teaching. Students are freed from sign-for-word thinking, and early on recognize that a fluent visual language message is constructed from an entirely different paradigm. Complex ASL grammar, embedded in a depiction-rich text, creates an opportunity for engaging novice signers and advanced ASL users. Demonstrates comparative prosody of ASL and English.
Not Just for Kids! Using children's literature is a well researched practice in foreign language instruction.  ASL Tales' DVDs can be purchased separately for your ASL/ITP classroom.
Some reasons ASL Tales is a great opportunity for your classroom:
"...a tremendous resource for ASL and interpreting students.  The Deaf storytellers provide rich language samples for developing ASL vocabulary, morphology, grammar and narrative discourse structure.  Among other uses, viewers may identify and shadow ASL linguistic features, practice ASL to English interpreting and analyze register variation.           - Brenda Nicodemous
ASL and ITP Instruction
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