A New Way of Experiencing American Sign Language and English
                ASL Tales
Educational Interpreters  Raising the Floor NOT Raising the Bar
There is so much pressure out there, and often so much criticism, of the very challenging work done by the educational interpreting community.  We believe that given the proper tools, all educational interpreters could improve the quality of their work.   Why would ASL Tales make a difference? Our texts are committed to the discourse style of both languages.  As interpreters, this gives you the opportunity to explore expansive ways of considering English text. Provide native language modeling for your students while allowing you to build additional shared language. Though our books are easy to understand, they contain complex ASL grammar and expose interpreters to using depiction in their work.    We hear from many interpreters that ASL Tales, and all the tools that come with them, have given them a new, and enjoyable, way to improve their interpreting skills.
Community Interpreters You might think - how could ASL Tales improve my work in doctor's offices, job trainings, etc.?  Certainly masterful ASL storytelling is widely available.  ASL Tales, by pairing ASL and English discourse that honors both languages, offers interpreters a new way to think about our interpretations.   Dropping form, cultural expansion, role taking, and expanded use of classifiers are commonly accepted features of a good interpretation, yet interpreters are challenged to fully explore these in our work.  Using easily accessible children's literature, ASL Tales stories provide a window on how much more expansive our interpretations can be.
"...a tremendous resource for ASL and interpreting students.  The Deaf storytellers provide rich language samples for developing ASL vocabulary, morphology, grammar and narrative discourse structure.  Among other uses, viewers may identify and shadow ASL linguistic features, practice ASL to English interpreting and analyze register variation.           - Brenda Nicodemous
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