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Our master storytellers provide visual images that, coupled with a native language version of the books, scaffold students in their English learning. Whether you are working with LEP children or adults, the multi-lingual opportunities in our books can make a difference in a student's English literacy. Children are more motivated to read books they can understand. Parents and children reading together is one of the greatest ways for children to develop a love of reading.
Adding Languages   Though our books/DVDs come voice recorded in as many as 11different languages (see the products page for each book), we know there are others language communities that could benefit. Record other languages to post on the website, and we'll send you free books/DVDs for your community. Info@asltales.net 
Written Translations   When we could, we collected the scripts and included them here. Note: Some minor changes may have been made in the recording process, which may not be reflected in the written translations.  
Curricula and Activity Guides ASL Tales is a community of volunteers using ASL to create innovative approaches to learning.  Share strategies on our blog  (and get a discount!) or contact us for creating curricula.
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CREOLE Annie’s Tails Tortoise and the Hare The Boy Who Cried Wolf
FRENCH Annie’s Tails Tortoise and the Hare The Boy Who Cried Wolf Rapunzel
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