A New Way of Experiencing American Sign Language and English
What would I tell your readers?  I would say that it captivated my two and one-half year old Deaf daughter; that it introduced her to eloquent ASL storytelling so indelible that she repeats entire phrases, jokes and styles after watching the DVD only three or four times: that she shrieks with excitement every time we mention the "TV story"; that she and her hearing seven-year-old sister enjoy it together, each of them learning different aspects of Deaf culture and language.       -  LR, mother of Celia, age 7 and Rita, age 2
                ASL Tales
Newly Identified Infants and Toddlers   We know the process of sorting through the advice can be overwhelming.  And we know the decisions can be complex.   ASL Tales is not here to preach to you about the best decision for your child, but rather to encourage you (and to make it possible for you!) to add visual language to your child's toolbox.   So whether you've already chosen bi-lingual education for your child OR are hesitant because of conflicting advice from aural/oral professionals -- consider that all children benefit from learning a second language.  No matter which path you chose, ASL Tales gives your family a delightful experience with stories that your child can understand, while stimulating their ability to learn ANY language.   We've got big plans for 2013!
Newly Identified Infants and Toddlers
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