Annie's Tails. Have you ever wished you could be a different animal every day of the week? See how Annie gets her wish. Written by Stacy Anne Murphy, with captivating illustrations by Gina Pierleoni. Performed in ASL by Crystal Schwartz. Young Deaf artists from around the country contributed to Annie's Tails.  Click here to see their creations.
The Princess and the Pea. A modern retelling of the classic story with a decidedly NOT-dainty princess.  The haughty Queen, perfectly portrayed in ASL by Pinky Aiello, learns that a true Princess is more than dainty.  Written by A. Rodriguez and J. Starr, illustrated by J. Hood, and performed in ASL by Pinky Aiello.
Rapunzel. Our Witch loves Rapunzel, and though she locks her in the tower, she brings her treats  All, including the Witch, live happily ever after, though not in the way the reader might predict. Pinky Aiello, ASL performer,  brings the Witch, the Prince and Rapunzel to life in this modern version of a classic tale.  Written and illustrated by Judy Hood.
The Tortoise and the Hare. This classic fable told by Aesop about 2,500 years ago is brought to life in ASL by Alisha Bronk, retold by for the 21st century by Susan Reiners and vibrantly illustrated by Daniel Winship. 
The Boy Who Cried Wolf.  A familiar tale told in a new way will have children crying "watch, watch!".  Susan's Schaller's elegant retelling, enchantingly illustrated by Connie Clanton's water colors, comes alive in Dee Clanton's impish ASL performance.
A New Way of Experiencing American Sign Language and English
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