A New Way of Experiencing American Sign Language and English
                ASL Tales
Teachers of Deaf Children
Emergent readers, after learning the ASL story, naturally develop a curiosity for understanding the English text. Students bound by word-for-sign habits discover a new way to approach reading. Inductive/deductive reasoning, often a challenge for Deaf children, is enhanced as children identify how the languages convey a message differently. Our DVD tools allow students to examine the text page-by-page, giving students and teachers an opportunity to fully explore meanings in both languages. Use our books for homework. Viola! - parents learn more sign and students have the opportunity to share literature with their families. Our books are effective tools for classroom activities and for individual use.
What Teachers Are Saying... So many times I saw the ah ha moment when she understood in the video what she hadn't really gotten in the written text. This has been a great experience for her. As we started she was so married to the text but she was finally able to shift more to the ASL-still some English parts but overall it is ASL. - Cheryl Briggs, Teacher of a Deaf high school student I do believe that what you are doing is more than anyone else is doing and better. I've seen almost all there is out there. This is the one I choose to do with my students.... -Katherine Love, Teacher of the Deaf
Nothing promotes learning more than wanting to learn. Teachers have found that students, having fully understood the vibrant ASL story, are motivated to discover how English expresses that idea.  From the early grades thru high school, teacher are using our materials to teach grade level content to Deaf students. You'll be surprised how our products encourage active participation in reading and writing.
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