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The ASL Tales Team
Pinky Aiello Co-founder and core team member of ASL Tales, performer for Princess and the Pea, Rapunzel and Hansel and Gretel.   Pinky created and produced the award-winning Pinky Tells the Real Story: VRS and consults on all ASL Tales videos.   Contact: Pinky@ASLTales.net   http://www.pinkyvrs.com Amharic to Zulu WORDS Foreign Language Translation and Interpreting Services, Inc. Largest agency north of Boston has reputation for only hiring the best. Provided translators and voices for several stories and languages. Contact: RealGilbert@wordsusa.com  Jacob Berge ASL interpreter, author, and multi-talented creator, Jacob contributes to interpreter training applications and collaborates in the creation of ASL Tales products.  Contact: info@ASLTales.net Joe Biedrzycki Joe B. has been a freelance voice talent and audio producer for forty years. Following a twenty-year career on-air in New England Rock Radio,he spent ten years in New Hampshire ad agencies, and has owned and operated a studio recording service for 20 years. Contact: http://www.studiobnh.com Pamela Ellen Blodgett International multi-lingual educator with experience teaching ASL, Nicaraguan Sign Language and Spanish.  Pam contributes her expertise in curriculum design for ASL classroom and early childhood program materials .  Look for those products in Fall 2013. Karen Braz Voice actress for Hansel and Gretel and translation consultant. Alisha Bronk Co-visionary and early team member of ASL Tales, ASL Consultant and performer for Tortoise and the Hare Alisha presents workshops nationally on ASL Classifiers and other topics.  Contact: zalishab@yahoo.com Mathew Call ASL/Spanish/English Interpreter, Translator, and Captioner, Consultant; published author on trilingualism. Co-translator for Spanish versions of The Boy Who Cried Wolf, The Tortoise and the Hare, Rapunzel and Annie's Tails. Contact: info@ASLTales.net Lisa Chiango Video editor for Annie’s Tails and ASL Tales Collaborator. Contact: info@ASLTales.net. Connie Clanton Illustrator for The Boy Who Cried Wolf and upcoming products for ASL Tales.  http://www.clantonart.com/ Dee Clanton ASL Performer for The Boy Cried Wolf.  Contact: info@ASLTales.net Janis Cole Janis was part of creating the vision of ASL Tales.  Actress, educator, interpreter and visionary, Janis is now creating her vision thru her company, Les Deux 2.  Contact: Janis@LesDeux2.com Kristin DiPerri Educator and consultant on the use of ASL for enhancing education for Deaf students.  Contact: halimun@aol.com Maura Fay ASL Interpreter and trained early childhood educator, Maura is an ASL Tales editor and contributes to educational programs. Michael Friedmann ASL Interpreter, Michael develops interpreter education tools for ASL Tales and collaborates on creating ASL Tales products.  Contact: info@ASLTales.net Judy Hood Illustrator for Princess and the Pea and author/illustrator for Rapunzel.  ASL Tales mourns the loss of Judy, who lost her long battle with cancer in January 2012. Marleny Jiménez Spanish/English Translator, Cultural Consultant, Voice Talent. Co-translator for Spanish versions of The Boy Who Cried Wolf, The Tortoise and the Hare, and Annie's Tails. Rebecca Kennedy Chair of Humanities at Lasell College, Dr. Kennedy areas of expertise include syntax, psycholinguistics, written language research (dyslexia and hyperlexia), treatment, and assessment.  She consults on curriculum development and research for ASL Tales.  Yvonne Lauziere Graphic designer of our logo and book designer for The Boy Who Cried Wolf and The Tortoise and the Hare.  Yvonne is an award-winning professional. Contact: yvonne@pinionp.com Tara Lafleur Tara is the Director of Early Literacy for ASL Tales.  She is creating the curriculum guides to accompany our books and developing our parent workshops.  Tara comes to us with a background in elementary education, specializing in literacy.  Contact her at Tara@ASLTales.net Yoon Lee Yoon innovated our new approach for the ASL Clues, created and designed the DVDs for The Boy Who Cried Wolf and The Tortoise and the Hare, and supervises video production for ASL Tales. Contact: Yoon@ASLTales.net Shannon Locke Interpreter and teacher, developing curriculum for mainstream classrooms.  Contact: Shannon@ASLTales.net Laurie Meyer Co-founder and core team member of ASL Tales. Contact: Laurie@ASLTales.net Stacy Murphy Writer of Annie's Tales, (publication date Spring 2013)  and the voice of Princess and the Pea and Rapunzel Audrey Perino Business Manager.  Contact: Audrey@ASLTales.net Gina Pierleoni Visual artist and illustrator for Annie's Tails.   Gina Pierleoni is a mixed media artist involved on many levels in art including exhibiting, teaching, panel discussions and  book illustration and as a consultant.  Pierleoni believes that you, me, us, them, and we are filled with possibilities. http://www.ginapierleoni.com Susan Reiners Writer and Editor.  Author of The Tortoise and the Hare.  Contact: info@ASLTales.net Doug Ridloff ASL Performer for The Ugly Duckling, release 2013 or beyond.  Contact: douglasridloff.blogspot.com John Robertson Director of ASL Tales Canada and webmaster for ASL Tales.  John has over 30 years experience as a publications professional and is the father of an adult Deaf son. Contact: John@ASLTales.net Alicita Rodgriguez Co-author of Princess and the Pea.   Contact: joeali@mac.com Saundra Rogers ESL Educator.  Developing programming for students learning English as a second language.  Janis Sawyer Graphic designer and media specialist.  Book designer for Rapunzel Susan Schaller Writer and Advocate for Visual Language.  Author of ASL Tales: Hansel and Gretel, ASL Tales: The Boy Who Cried Wolf and A Man Without Words.  Susan has been a passionate advocate for language access for Deaf children for 3 decades.  Contact: Susan@ASLTales.net   www.SusanSchaller.com Crystal Kelley Schwartz ASL Performer for Annie's Tales.  Crystal has starred in film and stage productions and is a mentor, educator and strong advocate.  She is available for workshops on advocacy and theatre.  Contact: Ckschwartz@msn.com Joseph Starr Co-author of Princess and the Pea.  Contact: joeali@mac.com Sue Walls Author of ASL Tales: The Ugly Duckling, scheduled for completion in 2014.  Stephanie Ward Teacher of the Deaf with extensive experience in educating the exceptional student.  Stephanie collaborates in curriculum development and testing.  Contact: Stephanie@ASLTales.net Noah Ward-Rubin Student doing testing with his classmates to develop activities that are fun for kids. Barb Wingfield Director of ASL Literacy for ASL Tales.  Contact: Barb@ASLTales.net Daniel Winship Artist.  Illustrator for The Tortoise and the Hare.  Contact: http://theflyingbox.blogspot.com Sai Yammada Ipad developer, and creator of the soon to be completed ASL Tales Ipad app.  Contact: sai.yammada@avysol.com
ASL Tales has been created by a collaboration of outstanding volunteers, past and present from across the US and Canada.  We are committed to creating products and online training programs that share the opportunities of visual language for education and enjoyment.  We encourage you to contact them when searching for talented professionals in your projects or performers for your events.
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