A New Way of Experiencing American Sign Language and English
The ASL Tales Difference Self Directed Tools for Learning  ASL and English You're probably on our website because you have read about or experienced the benefit of sign language for your children. Most sign language materials (even those that claim to teach ASL) are teaching vocabulary or, at best, sign language phrases.  Take some time to click thru our website and see how ASL Tales actually let's children and families experience American Sign Language as it's used by master ASL storytellers. Why does this matter? The best opportunities for learning ASL go beyond thinking in words (sign language words are still words!) and help you discover how to understand and create visual messages.  Because we pair the ASL with English text, children also improve their reading comprehension. By using the ASL Clues and our unique approach to teaching vocabulary, children can learn ASL fundamentals, build skills to communicate with ASL users, increase visual-spatial skills, enhance cognitive development, build meta-language understanding of both languages and improve their deductive/inductive reasoning skills. Be ready to be surprised by ASL Tales.  Our  products are educational and fun for kids AND parents.  What could be better?
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