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Unique to ASL Tales products, each book comes with a complete set of Clues for ASL discovery.  They will help you will learn to see an ASL message, grammar fundamentals and cultural information.  Novice ASL users will quickly discover that ASL is not just a series of signs. hjk As you enjoy each book, take the time to study each Clue.  You are learning a new language, and it can take some time.  When working with children, encourage them to find the idea in the video. The Clues are included in the DVD for the newest books.  You will need to register for Princess and Rapunzel clues.
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Notice the Witch must first BE behind the tree, in order to 'spring out' later on page 4. Notice the mannerisms Pinky uses to convey she is the Witch. In the art, the Witch is taller than the husband. Notice she looks down to talk to him. There are a number of ways that the reader identifies the character of the Witch. Throughout the story, each character is represented by mannerisms. Identify the ways that Pinky takes on the character of the Witch. DVD glossary: STEAL
4b The Witch peeks from behind the tree and sees the husband stealing vegetables.
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