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Sign language in the classroom is not a new idea.  ASL Tales as a classroom tool is. We pair easily accessible and highly engaging ASL texts and English literature (along with the option of selecting from among 10 other languages) to give teachers a wide range of opportunities for building comprehension and meta-language skills. We are still very much in the early stages of developing curriculum (stay tuned!), but we already have teachers  getting results in the classroom.  Dr. Rebecca Kennedy, having anaylzed our materials for classroom use, has written some of her findings in the article Sign Language and Text Comprehension. She continues to work with us on developing research projects (see Reading Comprehension and ASL:  An Experimental Paradigm). We believe in school environments that work for all children.  In many schools, sign "language" is already being used to support children with special needs and for children in the younger grades. Imagine the impact of children being exposed to authentic ASL: Students get the benefits described by Dr. Kennedy and in documented research See our blog and check the grade level links for ideas being shared by other teachers. ASL can become a shared language for all children in the school..connecting students who rely on ASL for communication with those whose language is enhanced by it.  English Language Learners can use visual language to build relationships with their classmates. We often hear from teachers that their students ask for more ASL Tales time!
Don't Sign at All? Not a problem with ASL Tales. Teachers can use our suggested activities to enhance meta-language, deductive/inductive reasoning skills, pre-comprehension and comprehension skills while learning ASL along with their students.  Some of the tools to help you: Action Scripts Activity Guide Learning with ASL Tales Literacy
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Activities We’re working on creating workbooks and teacher’s guides.  For now, share your classroom ideas with other teachers and get a discount on your next order.
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