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Written by a CODA* friend of ASL Tales: ASL Tales is a wonderful resource for Deaf parents and their children! Stories that have resonated with young and old are now available in a beautiful form; with all the enchantment shown through American Sign Language. ASL Tales bridges two worlds with one story.  Deaf people have not had full access to the content of these traditional stories until now. By providing stories that are world famous in a Deaf-friendly format, CODA’s have access to both cultures- at the same time. Are you a CODA? This is a wonderful way to connect with your parent(s) in a Deaf-friendly way! Are you Deaf with hearing children? Provide them with the world-famous stories in a format you both can enjoy! Are you a CODA with your own children? While your children learn more about ASL, they can sharing quality time with their grandparents! *CODAs are traditionally defined as a Child Of a Deaf Adult.  They can vary widely in their use of American Sign Language.
TAKE ASL Tales to School Because our books/DVDs are being used by regular classroom teachers to enhance literacy skills, KODA children can actually share ASL Tales with their classmates.  With so many schools teaching that ASL = sign language vocabularly/signed music, we proide an opportunity for your child to see their actual language valued and understood by teachers and friends.  If you need help talking to your school, contact us. 
ASL Tales supports KODAs in learning the differences between their two native languages  and loving the stories in each language.  It’s a great opportunity for sharing a love of literature.
Children and Kids of Deaf Adults
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