A New Way of Experiencing American Sign Language and English
Families with newly identified infants and toddlers will experience why so many people love ASL!  Parents, siblings and Deaf children can enjoy the same literature, each learning the other’s language.  Read more...
No one can better describe the experience of being a Deaf child, then a Deaf adult who remembers that experience.  Watch as members of the Deaf community share what they wished parents knew. Thanks also go to Celia and Lisa as they share their experience of having Deaf siblings. KODAs will love sharing these books with their parents and classmates.  CODAs  - here’s a way for your children to read with your parents. Read more...
                ASL Tales
Deaf Families
Perhaps this is all new to you; perhaps you've tried to learn ASL and are frustrated with its difficulty; or perhaps you've embraced ASL all your life.  Whatever your experience, you know that learning sign vocabulary alone is not enough.
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