A New Way of Experiencing American Sign Language and English
Like so many families, you may have experienced how hard it can be to learn ASL.  We're not saying it's easy, but we have created tools that will help you understand some of that other "stuff" that just hasn't made sense.   And while you're learning ASL, you can enjoy shared reading time with your children.  No pressure on you to provide an engaging translation of a book for your child.  Your goal, and ours, is that they learn to love to read.  Our storytellers will give them complete access to the deeper meaning of the English message - the very best enticement to WANT to learn to read.   Be sure and share our products with friends and family.  While they are getting the benefits of signing for hearing children, they are also expanding the communication ‘village’ for your child.
I would say that Rita, now almost 4 years old, has recently begun enjoying the books along with the DVDs. Before it was about watching, passively soaking in the experience. These days she engages more, follows along in the book, expresses how the pictures on the screen and the pages are the same with such enthusiasm. Additionally, she signs along - and at other times of her day signs her invented stories with vigor, with similar energy as Pinky. These imaginary stories are pocked with great expression, intentional humor, and strong spatial reference, each aspect quite reminiscent of ASL Tales style.                                   - Rita's mom
                ASL Tales
“My husband and I had two deaf foster children first and desperately searched for educational products that would build their language. There wasn’t a lot out there and we were so thankful we found your books to use with them.  Now that they are not living with us, we still use these stories with our hearing daughter and she loves them too.”                                                 - MI, Kansas
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