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Kids gain literacy skills thru repetition and kids read our books over  and over again! 
Home school families are resourceful.  You'll find much of what you need to use our products with your student on many pages of this website. We just wanted to point out a few things: Though learning sign words can be a fun activity, we believe you will want your child to learn content that teaches them respect for the language and culture of a community.  ASL Tales lets your child enjoy their ASL learning while actually getting functional and respectful exposure to the language and culture of Deaf people. As a home school family, you want multiple benefits out of your child's learning activities.  See the articles by Dr. Kennedy describing how the paired language opportunities of ASL Tales has benefits far beyond learning ASL. Though these are children's books, they are being used in college settings as a way to improve ASL comprehension for advanced ASL learners.  There really are opportunities for students at every level - from pre-K through high school. 
Recommendation from a homeschool parent: As a homeschool mom I am always looking for ways to challenge and encourage my children to learn.  I want to broaden their scope of knowledge and entice them to go the extra step. They are kids, of course, so something easy, fun and self- motivating is always a plus. ASL Tales does just that. After showing my son these books he was excited, laughing and enthusiastic. He was able to identify what the signer was going to sign and how he signed it. He was engaged and wanted to finish watching the whole story. He got excited when he saw a sign he recgonized. In his words,"it was good, the signing was really clear. It was fun" I am always trying to teach my kids without them knowing they are learning, (sneaky tricks parents use). ASL Tales helps develop fine and gross motor skills, encourages thinking, and teaches children the art of American Sign Languge beyond just learing the signs. I think ASL Tales is a great tool for any homeschool family.
Trainings are available for using our materials.  Contact home school mom and ASL Tales team member: homeschool@asltales.net
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