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Annie’s Tails
© ASL Tales:2015
Page 1 Annie loved animal tails. She wanted a tail for everyday at school. 安妮热爱动物尾巴。她想每天都戴着一条尾巴去上学。 Page 2/3 That’s what she wished for her fifth birthday… 她就是希望在五岁生日时得到 …… Page 4/5 …and that's what Annie got.There were five presents with a tail in every box! ……安妮如愿以偿了。有五份礼物,每盒里都装着一条尾巴!  Page 6/7 On Monday Annie wore her long, soft fox tail.  She used it to dust the bookshelves.  This made her mother happy. 在礼拜一,安妮戴着她那又长又软的狐狸尾巴。她用它来给书架除尘。这令她妈妈很开 心。 Page 8/9 Tuesday Annie wore her fluffy, white bunny tail. Her mother made ears and whiskers too. 礼拜二,安妮戴着她那蓬松雪白的兔子尾巴。她妈妈还给她做了一对耳朵和胡子。 Page 10/11 She went to school with her bunny ears and her bunny tail.  Annie hopped and hopped all day long. She was exhausted. 她戴着那对兔子耳朵和兔子尾巴上学去了。安妮蹦蹦跳跳一整天。她累坏了。 Page 12/13 That night, Annie hugged her stuffed bunny and climbed into bed.  They slept very well. 那天晚上,安妮抱着她那圆鼓鼓的毛毛兔爬上了床。他们都睡得香甜。 Page 14/15  On Wednesday, Annie wore a big beautiful peacock tail.  She practiced strutting with her feathers. 礼拜三,安妮戴着一根又大又美丽的孔雀尾巴。她戴着羽毛,练习阔步昂首地走着。 Page 16/17 When she swished her tail at school, she tickled her friends. They fell on the floor laughing. 在学校里,安妮把她的尾巴挥的沙沙响,朋友们被挠到发痒。他们倒在地上大笑。 Page 18/19 On Thursday Annie went to school with her wiggly dog tail.   Her wagging almost poked Jason in the eye. 礼拜四,安妮戴着她那左摇右摆的狗尾巴上学去了。她那左摇右晃的尾巴,差点戳到杰 森的眼睛。 Their teacher sent Annie to time-out. 老师罚安妮暂停活动。 Page 20/21 Friday, Annie walked like a cat. She wore ears and a long, elegant tail.  Annie licked her paws and stroked her whiskers. 礼拜五,安妮象猫似的走着。她戴着耳朵和一条修长优雅的尾巴,舔着她的爪子,并轻 抚着她腮边的胡须。 Page 22/23 She padded around the hall at school. 她在学校的走廊里慢慢转悠。 At nap time Annie lay down in a beam of sunlight, flicked her tail, and fell asleep. 午睡的时候,安妮躺在阳光下,轻拍着她的尾巴,很快就睡着了。 Page 24/25  When they went to school on Monday, Annie’s mother was surprised.  All of the children were wearing tails! 礼拜一他们上学时,安妮的妈妈大吃了一惊。所有的孩子们都戴着尾巴! Page 26/27  For the rest of the year the children shared their tails. They wore a different one every day. 接下来的一年里,孩子们都分享他们的尾巴。每人每天都戴着一条不同的尾巴。
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