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 The Tortoise and the Hare
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Page 1 One hot day all the animals rested in the cool shade. All except Hare, who bragged to anyone who would listen. 在一个大热天里,所有的动物们都躲在阴凉处休息。只有兔子例外,他见谁就和谁吹 牛。 Page 2/3 Tired of his boasting, all the animals hid. Frog jumped into the water. Chipmunk scurried into the grass. Woodpecker flew to the tallest branch of a towering tree. Tortoise quietly hid in her shell. 听腻了他的自夸,所有的动物都藏了起来。青蛙跳进了水中。花粟鼠匆忙钻进了草丛 里。啄木鸟飞到了大树的高枝上。乌龟赶忙缩进了自己的壳里面。  Page 4/5  "Wake up!" Hare yelled, thumping on Tortoise's shell. "I'm the   fastest in the forest!" 快醒醒!兔子猛敲着龟壳叫嚷道。森林里数我跑的最快! Tortoise, sleepy from her nap, popped her head out of her shell. "If I beat you in a race, will you stop bragging" 而乌龟呢,还没有从小睡中清醒过来,她从龟壳中探出头来说:如果比赛我赢了你的 话,你能不再吹牛吗? Page 6/7 Hare laughed so hard his sides ached. "Yes," he snickered. "I   will enjoy beating you." 兔子笑到腰都痛了,好的,他偷笑着说。打败你是件享受的事。 Page 8/9 The news spread quickly through the forest. Frog jumped out of the water. Chipmunk scurried out of the grass. Woodpecker flew out of the towering tree. All the animals, big and small, came to cheer for Tortoise. 消息很快就传遍了森林。 青蛙从水里跳了出来。 花粟鼠匆忙由草丛中里钻了出来。 啄木鸟从大树的高枝上飞了出来。 所有大大小小的动物们都来为乌龟打气。 Page 10/11 Tortoise and Hare lined up, stretching while they waited for the race to begin. 乌龟和兔子都站在起跑线上,他们做着准备运动并等待着比赛开始。   With a wave of Squirrel's hand, they were off! 随着松鼠的手一挥,他们起跑了! Page 12/13 Tortoise had barely crossed the starting line when Hare left her behind in a cloud of dust. 当乌龟刚刚跨过起跑线时,兔子早已绝尘而去了。 Page 14/15 When Hare had nearly finished the race, he looked back to check Tortoise's progress. There was no sign of her. "I've got plenty of time to rest," he thought. 当兔子快要到达终点时,他回头查看乌龟在哪儿。连乌龟的影子都看不到。我有足够的 时间可以休息了,兔子想着。   Happily munching on a juicy carrot, he settled down under a large shade tree and fell fast asleep. 兔子开怀大嚼着一根水灵灵的胡萝卜,他稳稳当当的躺在一大片树阴下,很快就睡着 了。 Page 16/17 As Hare napped, Tortoise plodded steadily down the path. Nothing stopped her. . .   Not the buzzing flies. Not the steep hills. Not the sun's great heat. 就在兔子小睡之际,乌龟踏着稳定的步伐一路缓慢地走来。没有什么可以阻挡她 . . . 嗡嗡的飞虫不能阻挡她。 陡峭的山坡也不能阻挡她。 更别说那太阳的灼热了。 Page 18/19 Her friends cheered her on with every step, supplying her with food and water. 她的朋友们激励着她走每一步,并给她食物和水。   Slowly Tortoise neared the finish line. Inching closer, she spotted Hare napping. 乌龟缓缓地接近终点。慢慢地,她看到了正在打盹的兔子。   Page 20/21 "I'm not too late!" Tortoise realized. With renewed enthusiasm she quickened her pace. "Tortoise will win!" the animals cheered. Their cheering and stomping woke Hare from his nap. 我还有机会!乌龟意识到。重燃的热情让她加快了脚步。 乌龟要赢了!动物们欢呼着。 他们的欢呼和雀跃声吵醒了兔子。 Page 22/23 "I can't lose!" Hare ran faster than he ever had in his life. In one great leap, he dove across the finish line. 我不可以输!兔子用毕生最快的速度奔跑着。 一个大步的跳跃,他冲过了终点线。   Page 24/25 He was one inch too late. Tortoise won! Everyone cheered. Even Tortoise. 他就差那么一寸,乌龟赢了! 大家都在欢呼,连乌龟也在欢呼着。   Page 26/27 And Hare For the first time, he didn't want to be noticed at all. 那兔子呢? 有史以来的第一次,他不想有任何人注意他。 Page 28 Slow and steady wins the race. 缓慢与稳健才是得胜的关键。
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