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The Boy Who Cried Wolf
Page 1 A long time ago, a boy sat on a hill and watched sheep all day. 很久以前,有一个男孩整天坐在山坡上放羊。   Page 2/3. He sat on a big rock and watched. He sat on the grass and watched. 他坐在一块大石头上放着羊。 他坐在草地上放着羊。 He rolled onto his tummy and watched. The boy was bored.  他翻过身子趴在那儿放着羊。 这个男孩觉得很无聊。 Page 4/5 He lay on his tummy and counted sheep. He lay on his side and watched sheep. 他趴着身子数着羊。 他侧着身子放着羊。 “I’ll roll down the hill!” 我要滚下山坡! He rolled and tumbled and tumbled and rolled and got covered with grass.  他滚着翻着,翻着滚着,弄得全身都是草。 But...he was still bored. 但是,他还是觉得无聊。   Page 6/7 “I’ll dance!” He danced and danced. 我要跳舞! 他跳了又跳。 He climbed a tree to a big branch and plopped down on it. 他爬到一枝大树杆上一屁股坐了下来。 He sat swinging his legs. He looked around. 他坐在那儿摇晃着他的双腿。 他环顾着四周。   He jumped out of the tree. He stood on his hands until he fell down and got covered with grass again. 他从树上跳了下来。 他玩着倒立,直到他摔下来并又弄得全身是草。 And ... he was still bored. 然后…….他还是感到无聊。 Page 8/9 He stood on a big rock and waved his arms. 他站在一块大石头上挥动着他双臂。 “Wolf!  Help! The wolf is here!” he cried.  “狼啊!救命啊!狼来了!他大喊着。   Page 10/11 The villagers looked up. 村民们抬头看。 They came running as fast as they could. 他们用最快的速度跑了过来。 “Where, where” they asked. “Where’s the wolf” 哪儿,哪儿?他们问道。狼在哪儿? “There’s no wolf here. I was just having fun!” 这儿没有狼。我只是在开玩笑! “What  No wolf”  “什么?没有狼?? Page 12/13 A skinny old woman shook her fist. A farmer stomped his foot.  一个瘦老的妇人挥动着她的拳头。 一个农夫跺着他的脚。 A little girl stuck out her tongue. The boy’s big brother frowned. 一个小女孩向他伸出舌头。 这个男孩的哥哥直皱眉头。 No one was happy.  没有人觉得好玩。 Page 14/15 After that the boy did try to be good. He tried rolling down the hill. He tried whistling. He tried dancing. 这事以后,这个男孩尝试过变乖。 他试过从山坡上滚下来。 他试过吹口哨。 他试过跳舞。   But he was still bored. 但他还是觉得无聊。   Page 16/17 He went back up the hill. 他回到了山坡上。 “Wolf! Help! The wolf is here!” Again, the villagers looked up. Again, the villagers came running. Again, they asked, “Where  Where’s the Wolf” Again, the boy laughed at them. There was still no wolf.  “狼啊!救命啊!狼来了! 村民们再抬头看。 村民们再跑了过来。 他们再问道,哪儿?狼在哪儿? 那个男孩再次笑他们。 还是没有狼。   Page 18/19 The skinny old woman shook both her fists. The farmer threw down his hat.  那个瘦老的妇人挥舞她的双拳。 那个农夫把自己的帽子摔到地上。 The little girl hopped up and down. The boy’s big brother chased him. 那个女孩跳了起来。 那个男孩的哥哥追着他。 Page 20/21 Then the villagers shouted at the boy,  “Don’t cry wolf if there is no wolf.”  然后村民们冲着那个男孩大喊, 如果没有狼,就别喊有狼. And they all went down the hill.  说完后他们全都下了山坡。   Page 22/23 “I was just playing,” the boy whined. He sat down on the rock feeling sorry for himself. 我只是在开玩笑,这个男孩嘀咕着。 他自怜地坐在石头上。 He looked around and saw something moving -  something with long ears and squinty eyes and sharp teeth! It was … a … WOLF!!!  他四处张望并看见有些东西在移动 - 那东西长着长长的耳朵和斜 视的眼睛,还有尖锐的牙齿! Page 24/25 “WOLF! WOLF! HELP!” he cried. 狼啊!狼啊!救命啊!他大喊着。 The skinny old woman did not go. The farmer did not go. The little girl did not go. The boy’s big brother did not go. 那个瘦老的妇人没有来。 那个农夫没有来。 那个小女孩没有来。 那个男孩的哥哥也没有来。   Page 26/27 No one came. All the sheep were gone.  一个人都没来。 所有的羊都没了。 The boy was not bored now. He was sad.  那个男孩现在不觉得无聊了。他觉得很难过. Page 28. He never lied again. 他再也不撒谎了。   No one trusts a liar. 谁都不会相信一个撒谎的人
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