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Because Pablo is such a damaged little boy, he is 'in a class of his own'.  Years ago we saw the pain and discouragement that comes with comparing him to others his age (or even younger), and stopped doing that.  In that sense, he is 'in a class of his own'.  To measure growth and development we compare Pablo to Pablo.  Where was he a month ago?  A year ago?  Two years ago?  That philosophy works well for us, but every now and then we slip up and play the comparison game.  A few weeks ago we were at Atmopshere (a youth service at our church).  A few of the students were asked to read short passages.  One of them was 12.  You guessed it . . . the whole comparison game.  And once again, Pablo came up short.  I was sad.  Then the following week I was meeting with the Pscyhologist who has been our life-line for the last 5 years.  I asked him if he thought Pablo would ever read.  He thought about it and then gave this answer . . . 'probably functionally' (ie 'mens room', 'stop', 'exit' etc).  More sadness.  Why was I indulging in this game?  A few days later I was hanging with Pablo.  He looked up at me and said 'READ?  BOOK?  He then proceeded to get the Rapunzel book and dvd.  We hunkered down in a big comfy chair, and 'read' Rapunzel.  Could I get through that without tears in my eyes? No, I could not!  This was the FIRST time in almost 7 years, that Pablo had EVER picked up a book and read it.  To say I was over-joyed would be an understatement!  Will Pablo ever be able to read?  I honestly do not know the answer to that question.  But there is one thing I do know . . . ASL Tales is the book that has opened that possibility here at home! WOW!  So . . . we only have 2 books and it is time for some more!
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