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An Intimate Conversation Among Siblings Our great appreciation to Celia, Lisa (both have Deaf sisters) and Liz (Celia's mom and narrator) for speaking about what is so often not spoken - that loving Deaf siblings comes with challanges. Though their experience is not unique, their willingness to speak about it publicly is a great gift for so many children with Deaf siblings.  We believe that this very personal conversation* will provide insight and the foundation for meaningful conversations among families. *Note: We felt that creating a safe environment for participants was more important than the quality of the film.  We hope you will agree.
"I wish my family could sign....even just a little"                 - from the video
Thoughts for Parents:  A Message from the Deaf Community We know that parents are offered lots of advice from professionals. Yet they rarely have the opportunity to hear from the Deaf adults who experienced BEING Deaf children.  Thanks to some friends* of ASL Tales who captured the responses to 2 simple questions.        We asked: What do you wish your family knew when you were young? What do you wish your family had not said? For so many parents, learning a second language is a challenge.  We were surprised to hear, in these video clips, how little effort would have made such a difference to so many.  ASL Tales can make learning, "even just a little" ASL something that everyone in your family can enjoy doing. *Thanks to Chris Tester, Pinky Aiello and Alisha Bronk for collecting these videos. Watch what they had to say:
Grandparents and Children  Sharing ASL Tales Siblings
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