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Action Script The Princess and the Pea Words in capital letters represent ASL signs used in the ASL Clues and Glossary.  We have tried here to describe each phase of the action.  There is no attempt to worry about English grammar. Page 1 :09 A long time ago in a large beautiful land :12 There was a big, building with lots of tall turrets with pointy roofs that had flags on top. :18 There were lots of windows on many floors and big winding staircases in different parts of the castle. :23 A prince (assuming the reader is also looking at the book, we know it's a prince  -- in an ASL message without the book, the Prince would be introduced first)  wanders in the winding staircases.   The prince, feeling alone, walks down one of the staircases, (the drawbridge drops) and he walks across the bridge. :28 He looks back up at his castle,  and feels alone.  He looks around and the decides to go look for the vision of what he wants --  a princess (WOMAN/princess). Page 2 :40 The prince goes up NORTH :42 He goes there and gets cold. :45 He looks for a princess and sees her going by, being pulled by an animal (we know this is a polar bear because of the art). :49 He follows her, runs after her, and says "hi". :52 Pinky uses a gesture to show that the Prince is in love :53 The Princess responds like she's not interested, while holding the reigns of the bear, :54 The prince asks her to come HOME  WITH him :57 She answers, "no, I like it here where it's cold." :59 The prince tells the audience that he's disappointed. Page 3 1:07 He goes SOUTH 1:09 He LOOKS and finds a WOMAN PRINCESS 1:11 She is standing at a distance and he walks up to her (he checks in with the audience about his excitement) 1:13 He greets her and she responds in a DIFFERENT language.  [Pinky uses meaningless signs] 1:15 The Prince looks at her and says "I do NOT UNDERSTAND'. 1:17 The Prince tells the audience that she speaks a DIFFERENT LANGUAGE. 1:19 [Pinky uses a kind of sign language joke]  The Prince starts to COMMUNICATE with the Princess and then looks to the audience and says the communication "fell apart". Page 4 1:26 The prince travels WEST 1:28 He looks around and sees a woman riding a horse 1:31 He is very excited and goes to her 1:35 The woman sits high on her horse, looks down at him. 1:36 The prince eagerly asks the woman if she will go with him 1:38 The woman, from high on her horse, looks down at him and says "No, I want to stay with all my horses" 1:42 The prince is unhappy about the woman's rejection. Page 5 1:49 The prince travels EAST 1:52 The prince looks around, sees another princess and gets very excited, then rushes up to meet her. 1:56 The princess shows the prince that she is already married. 1:58 The prince is unhappy. "Aw, shucks!" 2:01 The prince, disappointed, 'marches' back home. Page 6 2:08 The prince sits. There is a bad storm. 2:15 There is lots of lightning and the sky is very dark. (Pinky's face indicates the severity of the storm) 2:18 It is raining hard, and the rain seems to be moving sideways. The lightning continues and thunder booms. 2:19 The prince, sitting down, is terrified at the storm. 2:21 The lights go off and on to show that someone is knocking on the door. 2:22 The prince runs to the door and opens it, wondering "Who could THAT be?" 2:26 The prince is shocked to see a princess at the door. 2:29 The princess is soaking WET - her face is dripping, clothes drenched - and the water pours off her body. Water runs down her nose, face, and clothing. Page 7 2:40 The girl shakes the water off her arms and says "Can I please come in?" 2:42 The prince says, "SURE" and happily allows the princess to enter. The princess walks by the prince, who is awestruck as he watches her walk by. 2:47 A dog is sitting with his ears perked up, looking up. 2:48 The princess fawns over the dog, petting, kissing, and loving it. She picks it up and holds it close. The dog licks her face. 2:53 The prince is pleased with what he sees. Page 8 3:00 The prince sits at a table. The queen sits at the opposite end. The princess sits in the middle. 3:06 A server 'saucily' enters the room carrying a tray, sets down a plate of something for the princess, who looks at the server as [he - the gender isn't specified in the ASL version] sets the plate down (looking delighted) and thanks the server. 3:10 The princess takes a bite, chews, and remarks at how wonderful the dish is. To the server, she says "GOOD" and gives him a thumbs up, then continues to tell him how delicious the food is. She turns back to her plate and continues to eat. 3:17 The server looks at the princess with amazement, then beams with pleasure. 3:20 The prince observes this interaction and is pleased. Page 9 3:27 The princess gets a large book down from a shelf, opens it, and settles in to read it. 3:34 The princess reads the big book. 3:36 The prince is pleased with what he sees. Pages 10 & 11 3:46 The queen beckons the prince over. 3:50 The prince approaches the queen, who asks him, "Do you like the PRINCESS?" 3:55 The prince says, "Yes, I like her! She is so sweet! She loves dogs!" 4:03 The queen skeptically/disapprovingly nods. "Mmhmm." 4:05 The prince says, "What? She is polite - when she was eating, she thanked the server. She has nice manners!" 4:11 The queen skeptically/disapprovingly nods. "Mmhmm." 4:13 The prince says, "She read a huge book! That's wonderful!" 4:18 The queen skeptically/disapprovingly nods. "Mmhmm." She looks dismayed. Page 12 4:27 The queen (show character) asks the prince "Does she have dainty hands?" 4:33 Pinky describes dainty hands as small and light. 4:34 The queen asks the prince, "hmmm??" (with an attitude) 4:36  The prince is confused, "I don't know". 4:40  The queen haughtily responds, "Everyone everywhere knows that princesses everywhere have" the right kind of hands. Does yours have that kind of hands?" 4:47 The prince is still confused. "I don't know!" Page 13 4:55 The queen says to the prince, "Everybody everywhere knows that all princesses everywhere have small, dainty hands. Does she have that kind of hands? Hmmm??" 5:09 The prince looks upset and says "No." Page 14 5:15 The queen haughtily says to the prince, "You know that all princesses everywhere have smooth, delicate faces. Does your princess have that kind of face?" 5:28 The prince is confused. "I don't know! Her face is smooth… Her hands look fine! Her feet are fine. I think she's beautiful just the way she is!" Page 15 5:46 The queen says to the prince, "Everybody everywhere knows that princesses have a light airy body." Page 16 6:01 A bed is made by piling many mattresses on top of each other with soft blankets. The bed is very tall. There are many mattresses. 6:15 The queen takes a pea out of her pocket and puts it under the bottom mattress. 6:23 The queen says, "Do you think the princess can sleep on top of that? We'll see!" She laughed mischieviously. Page 17 6:36 The princess looks up to the top of the bed, which is very high up. She climbs the ladder to get to the top mattress, pulls up the covers, and fixes the pillows. 6:50 She snuggles in and goes to sleep. Page 18 6:57 The queen asks the princess, "Did you sleep well?" 7:00 The princess says, "Oh yes! It was wonderful! The blanket and pillow was perfect! I was so comfortable! But I had a strange dream. I dreamed that there were peas everywhere! There were peas all over the towers, peas filling the moat, peas covering the drawbridge, everywhere! And we had bowls of pea soup to eat!" Page 19 7:46 The queen says, "That story about peas…psh. OBVIOUSLY you're not a real princess!" 7:57 The prince says, "What? She's thin and has a list of things that I like! I think she's perfect!" 8:06 The prince says to himself, "Aha! I have an idea." Page 20 8:13 The prince sneaks into his mother's room and hides a pea under her mattress. 8:27 The prince tiptoes out of the room and peeks through a hole. He sees the queen getting into bed, pulling the covers up, fixing the pillow, and falling asleep. 8:36 The queen yawns and begins to snore. Page 21 8:41 The prince asks the queen, "Did you sleep well? Hmm?" 8:46 The queen says, "Oh yes! I had a wonderful sleep! It was perfect!" 8:52 The prince says, incredulously, "Really?" and pulls a pea out of his pocket and shows her. 8:54 The queen looks shocked. 8:59 The prince says, with attitude, "You're not really a QUEEN!" 9:01 The queen looks quite dismayed, then faints and lands flat on her face. Page 22 9:09 The queen says to the prince, "You're RIGHT. The PRINCESS is SWEET and SMART. You can marry her. 9:21 The prince is shocked, and happily runs to the princess. 9:25 The prince and the princess TRAVEL NORTH. Page 23 9:31 The prince and princess go south to an island surrounded by water with whales jumping. Page 24 9:40 The prince and princess go WEST and get in a hot air balloon and float around. Page 25 9:50 The prince and princess go EAST and ride an elephant. Page 26 10:00 The prince and the princess come home and feed each other pea soup.
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