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Action Script Rapunzel CAPITALS represent vocabulary words that are taught in the Glossary and in the ASL Clues. Page 1 :04 A long stone wall built of large, round rocks :07 One side of the wall (Pinky sets up that there will be a description of the other side too), a HUSBAND and WIFE had VEGETABLES that were small and shriveled. :13 The WITCH's garden had tall, abundant, large VEGETABLES that covered her garden. Page 2 :18 EVERYDAY the wife walked up to the wall, got up on the stool  (see the stool in the illustration), and pulled herself up so she could peek over the wall. :22 She was very sad when she peeked over the wall.  She says the vegetables are very tall,  abundant and beautiful. :26 She sadly gets down from the wall and goes back home.  Then she gets there, and decides to go back. over and over.  The witch's garden makes her happy.  Her garden makes her sad. :30 She goes back to the wall, and craves (here the sign in DROOL) the witches vegetables.  She says she WANTS them, and then uses a gesture to convey "poor me". Page 3 :37 The husband considers his WIFE with compassion, and then thinks about it. Then he considers the WITCH. :41 Then the wife and the witch again.  He choses the witch. :44   He looks back at his home, showing his fear of  going to the witch's garden. :45   In the DARK, with the bats flying, he puts on his mask (see the illustration), and walks toward the wall. :49  He is afraid as he slinks to the wall, looking over his shoulder.  :51  He's scared as he carefully climbs the wall.  He works hard to get over the wall. :53   He looks around as he gathers vegetables and puts them in a basket.  He whistles to try and calm himself down as he gathers as quickly as he can. :58 He walks back to the wall, climbs up and over the wall and is relieved and proud when he givess his WIFE the vegetables. 1:00  The wife is  thrilled when  she gets the vegetables. She eats them and makes a SALAD. 1:04 She appears content, and the husband is momentarily happy until she taps him on the shoulder again and asks for MORE. 1:06 He is incredulous when he asks her, "you really want MORE?".  Then, frustrated, he goes back over the wall, works hard to get over it again, and quickly gathers more vegetables.  He, with difficulty, goes back over the wall and gives them to her again. 1:12 She asks for MORE again.  He goes back and forth between his wife and the wall and unspecified number of times. 1:16 She keeps asking (shown by taping him on the shoulder), for MORE, MORE, MORE. Page 4 1:20 Time went by. 1:22 One NIGHT, still scared as he goes back over the wall. While he quickly and anxiously gathers vegetables, the witch spots him from behind a TREE. 1:31 She is mad when she sees him, and says to herself, "you are STEALING my vegetables!  Hmph!"  1:34 He is quickly gathering when her looks up and sees the witch jump out from behind the tree. 1:36 He is terrified as he holds his basket. 1:39 The witch looks down at the husband(he is squatting on the ground).  The witch (identified as a character by a gesture with her thumbs) accuses him of STEALING FOOD from her garden. 1:44 He looks up at her, afraid, and sad and scared, he puts them back on the ground. 1:47 The witch asks, " where is what you OWE me". 1:49 She says, "when your WIFE is pregnant, you will give me your baby." 1:55 The husband sadly AGREES. Page  5 2:00 Time goes by. After 9-MONTHS, the husband and WIFE happily look at their baby. 2:03 The husband and WIFE look happily at each other.  As she pats her baby, the WIFE is suprised by the  witch. 2:05 The witch, sinisterly, REMINDS the husband that he agreed he OWED this baby to her.  She says, "Give me your baby." 2:09 They are  very sad.  They look down at their baby and then hand her to the witch. 2:12 The witch is happy as she takes the baby, hugs her, and then says the baby's NAME is RAPUNZEL.  Then Pinky shows her SIGN name. 2:21 She hugs the baby again, and then quickly leaves with her. Page 6 2:26 The WITCH sits in a chair (see the illustration). 2:29 She loves Rapunzel so much that she repeatedly GIVES her things. 2:32 Specifically she gives her 3 things: KITTENS and CHOCOLATE and DOLLS. 2:38 Overtime, Rapunzel grows up.  The witch is proud. Page 7 2:44 On her 12th BIRTHDAY 2:46 The witch implements her sneaky plan.  She beckons Rapunzel to come with her. 2:48 Rapunzel innocently comes along (Rapunzel is identified as a character by stroking her braid).  She happily follows the witch (both smiling) as she pulls her wagon (see the illustration). 2:52 They see the tower.  Rapunzel, is still pulling her wagon and still happy as she says the tower. 2:57 The WITCH grabs Rapunzel (see Rapunzel being grabbed) and is plopped in the tower by the Witch. 3:02 The WITCH makes her STAY high up in the tower. Page 8  3:06 Rapunzel is dropped in the tower.  The witch is still holding on to her. 3:07 She sits on the floor, unhappy.  She looks around.  She's puzzled. 3:11 She gets up.  She jumps up and down on the coach, SCREAMING.  She gets off the couch.  Jumps around on the floor and then back up onto the couch. 3:13 She pounds her fists, screams loudly, and then screams and pounds and jumps up and down as she runs around the room. 3:17 She says, "I HATE you", to the WITCH. 3:21 She does MORE running around the room, bouncing on the couch until she gets tired.  She knows she's stuck. Page 9 3:30 The narrator says, "I want you to know, she did did look and she did want to get OUT of the tower.  She couldn't." 3:36 Rapunzel looks around the room until she sees the BOOK shelf.  She removes some books and bumps her head trying to see if there is a way OUT behind the books.  3:41 Then she lifts up the mattress , sees dust bunnies underneath, and puts the mattress back down.  She looks under the run and under other things.  She gets MORE and MORE frustrated.  She gives up.. 3:55 The narrators says, "See I told you, it was IMPOSSIBLE to get OUT." Page 10 4:02 Every morning, over and over again,(Pinky uses the sign SAME), the WITCH GOES to the tower. 4:04 The WITCH calls RAPUNZEL'S NAME.  Pinky uses both the gesture for calling and a waving (Deaf characters in the story would wave).  She has to wave MORE than once.  She spells RAPUNZEL'S name. 4:14 Rapunzel looks down from her balcony, looks over, and then resignedly throws down her braid. 4:18 The braid drops. 4:21 The WITCH grabs the braid from in front of her face, and works her way up.  We see her climbing from a close up view.  Then we see her legs climbing and the witch working hard. 4:27 Rapunzel's braid is tugged on while the WITCH climbs. 4:29 The Witch gets to the top and jumps into the tower. Page 11 4:35 The WITCH holds a basket and GIVEss it to RAPUNZEL. 4:37 She proudly tells Rapunzel what is in the basket.  She hands her CANDY and BOOKS. 4:40 The narrator says that the 2 of them would sit down and drink tea and COOKIES, and CHAT and ENJOY the  time like they used to before.  The talked alot and had a good time. 4:49 Then the WITCH put things back in the basket, waved goodbye and left. 4:53 Rapunzel looked after her and was sad and LONELY. Page 12 4:57 It was always the SAME day after day (24/7). 5:02 The narrator says, "What did she do (WHAT-TO-DO) with her time?"  She READ. She always had her nose in a book. 5:06 She MADE COOKIES.  Not satisfied, she tried over and over again with different ingredients until they were DELICIOUS. PAGE 13 5:21 A prince  rode by on his horse looking for a princess. 5:26 While he was looking, she smelled something and identified the area where the smell was coming from. 5:29 His stomach growled.  His mouth watered. 5:34 He wondered if that yummy smell could be coming from the tower.  He thought it wasn't possible that the  smell came from the tower. Page 14 5:42 He got off his horse and walked over to the tower. 5:44 He looked first at one side, and then the other.   There were no DOORS or WINDOWS. 5:50 Wondering what it was, he got back on his horse and rode away. 5:52 He kept smelling the COOKIES.  The wafting smell of the cookies "bedazzled" him. 5:57 Pinky uses a gesture to describe the Princes experience.  The prince goes back to the tower bedazzled. Page 15 6:05 The prince, influenced by the smell of the COOKIES, goes back over and over again.  His mouth waters and he is enchanted. 6:11 It HAPPENED, that one time when he went, he spotted the witch. 6:14 He stopped short, and was scared to see her. 6;16 He saw her call to Rapunzel.  She waved.  She spelled Rapunzel's name.  He saw RAPUNZEL throw down her hair.   6:21 He watched as the braid dropped.  His jaw dropped. 6:26 He watched as the WITCH grabbed the braid and climbed to the top of the tower.  His watched from his horse as his eyes "popped out". Page 16 6:34 That NIGHT, the prince nervously looked forward to going to the tower. 6:39 He decided to go for it, and tiptoed toward the tower. 6:42 He called to RAPUNZEL like the WITCH did.  To his surprise, the braid came down- right in front of his face! 6:50 He grabbed it. gulped, from nervousness, and huffed and puffed his way up the braid.  He was very out of breath.  He landed on the balcony tired and OUT of breath. Page 17 7:05 The prince is breathing hard when he lands on the comes in the tower. 7:07 He looks up and sees Rapunzel.  She welcomes him in and offers him a cookie. 7:12 He takes the cookie and eats it.  And then another.  He keeps coming back to the tower. 7:16 The narrator says, "FYI (let you know), the prince LIKES her.  It DOESN'T MATTER that she's not a princess."  She makes awesome (COOL)  COOKIES, she's SMART and she's FUNNY. Page 18 7:32 The prince slowly and not gracefully comes down from the tower. 7:34 At the same time, along  came the WITCH.  She sees the prince coming down the tower, and hides behind a TREE.  She's shocked as she watches him come down. 7:40 The prince continues down the braid.  It is clear he is fat.  He lands on the ground, to his horse, gets on the horse and rides away. 7:44 The witch seem him leaving, and stomps out from behind the TREE.  She starts to call out in a mad voice. 7:48 She catches herself and calls in a friendly voice.  7:54 The braid comes  down and is mad as she climbs.  She quickly gets to the top. Page 19 8:00 She lands in the tower.  She yells at Rapunzel, "You BAD GIRL." 8:06 In anger, she grabs the scissors, grabs Rapunzel's braid, and cuts it off. 8:08 Rapunzel is scared when her braid is being cut.  Then she is surprised as she floats up until she bumps the ceiling. 8:13 At first she's upset that her hair is gone.  Then she floats down until she lands on the floor. 8:18 She speaks to the WITCH with an attitude.  She's insulting to the WITCH and says, "Hey, that was stupid (PEA-BRAIN).  HOW will we get OUT now that I have no hair?" Page 20 8:28 Rapunzel has an idea.  She tells the reader, "shh" and that she has a CLEVER IDEA.  Pinky winks to emphasize that she's keeping something from the WITCH. 8:32 She says to the WITCH, "What about this idea?  You have long hair.  I'l help and braid your hair, all the way to the end (she shows it's long).   Then the brain can be thrown over the balcony and I can climb down it.  I'll get someone to bring a ladder and I can climb up and the you and I can get OUT.  What do you think? 8:44 The witch unhappily agrees. 8:46 The witch pushes her hair back for Rapunzel to braid, and sits down in a chair. 8:50 Rapunzel gleefully gathers the witch's hair, and braids it all the way to the end.  She laughs to herself about her clever plan. 8:58 She flings the braid out of the window and joyfully climbs down it until she lands at the bottom. Page 21 9:06 She jumps up and down with excitement and declares, "I'm FREE!"  She claps. 9:11 She yells back to the witch.  "See how you feel!,  It's only fair, now that you are in my place you  can see what it feels like." 9:16 She runs away. Page 22 9:22 The narrator says, " RAPUNZEL is not the kind of gril to be indifferent to the witch.  She's really not.  She likes her (the witch). 9:30 Rapunzel thought and thought.  She tells the reader,  "If I go to the tower and maybe the WITCH get OUT, I'll end up back stuck in the tower." 9:36 "What should I do?    I don't want(to be back in the tower).     She thought and thought some more. 9:39 Then she had another idea.  "Maybe I can call the woodcutter (MAN) and ask him to HELP  go to the tower and get the Witch OUT" Page 23 9:50 The woodcutter went to the tower, carrying his ax. 9:53 He walked close to the tower. 9:55 When he got there, he saw a braid.  He looked up to the top of it.  He pulled on it. 9:58 He called up.  He looked around and decided there was no WITCH. 10:03 He put the ax back over his shoulder and walked away. Page 24 10:08 The fat prince heard the RUMORS.  Someone let him know the news (being INFORMED) that RAPUNZEL was FREE. 10:16 He ran around and LOOKED FOR her.  He searched for her everywhere until he spotted her. 10:20 They walked toward each other.  He got down on his knee and offered her a ring  to marry him.  Please! 10:26 Rapunzel looked down at the prince.  "No, no THANK YOU," she said, "I want a cookie factory" 10:29 Pinky  demonstrates a cookie factory, with the dough dropping onto a conveyor belt.  The belt moves quickly and there are lots of COOKIES being made. Page 25 10:37 RAPUNZEL did (PAH) create (ESTABLISH) a cookie factory.  10:42 She sold those COOKIES in all directions.  The spread all over the world. 10:47 The narrator says, "I SUSPECT, you've probably eaten (eat FINISH) some of them." Page 26 10:57 The prince found another princess. 11:01 They had 9 children.  They were happy. Page 27 11:11 No one could find the WITCH.  She disappeared.  Who knows where she went.
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