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Action Script The Tortoise and the Hare Words in capital letters represent ASL signs used in the ASL Clues and Glossary.  We have tried here to describe each phase of the action.  There is no attempt to worry about English grammar. Page 1 0:05 The sun was very HOT. 0:08 ANIMALS laid sleepily all around. 0:10 One animal laid on his side under a TREE. 0:12 Others laid under the shade. 0:17 The shade was COOL. 0:18 HARE hopped all around the clearing. 0:22 He got the attention of an animal and BRAGGED about how FAST he was. Page 2/3 0:35 Most of the ANIMALS were still laying around the clearing. 0:39 One animal looked up, "Oh no, it's the Hare!" 0:42 FROG was relaxed, looked up and saw Hare, got scared and JUMPED in the WATER. 0:44 The water splashes when he jumps in. 0:47 CHIPMUNK, chewing on a nut, looks up and panics when he sees Hare. 0:50 He scampers thru the grass. See that chipmunk has grass in his face. 0:52 Woodpecker is busy pecking when he spots Hare, reacts and flies to the top of a tree. 1:02 Hare is peacefully when she looks up and sees Hare. 1:04 She reacts and goes into her shell, pulling in head and legs. page 4/5 1:15 HARE looks proudly around the clearing. 1:18 He looks down to his left and is excited when he sees Tortoise. 1:20 He has an idea. 1:22 He runs over (see Alisha's fists are his legs running) and bangs on Tortoise's shell. 1:23 Tortoise has her shell banged on. 1:24 Hare bangs more. 1:25 Tortoise, feeling the banging, looks out of her shell, in both directions to see what is happening 1:30 She looks up to her right and sees Hare. 1:31 Hare, with an attitude, says "I am the best at going FAST". 1:37 Tortoise, looking up, asks "IF I BEAT you will you STOP being a big headed braggart?" Page 6/7 1:51 Tortoise, making fun of Hare, asks incredulously, "You think you could BEAT me??" 1:51 He laughs hard. 1:57 "For sure I will trounce you." 2:01 "This is going to be fun." Page 8/9 2:14 One animal tells the others 2:16 Frog ( shown not by the sign frog, but by a characteristiof a frogis relaxing  when he sees the news. 2:18 "A RACE?" and nods that he will come. 2:19 Frog jumps off his lily pad, and hops all the way back. 2:23 Chipmunk, happily eating a nut, looks up. 2:24 An animal gets chipmunks attention and says there is a RACE. 2:26 Chipmunk looks up and responds by scurrying thru the grass. 2:28 The grass is tall and chipmunk's face is low to the ground. 2:29 Alisha shows the whole, small animal in the grass; not just the closer view of its head". 2:30 Woodpecker is pecking on the tree. 2:32 An animal waves to get his attention. 2:34 Woodpecker looks down, nods that he has understood, and flies out of the tree. 2:37 We see woodpecker's whole body as he flies down to join the other animals. 2:38 Many animals come from all directions. 2:39 Some animals are big. Some are small. 2:41 Alisha repeats, there are many animals who crowd in to the area. 2:43 Tortoise ihappy as she walks up to the starting line, looks around, and seeall the animals there to support her. page 10/11 2:50 Hare shows off and stretches at the starting line. 2:57 Hare looks down at Tortoise and smiles. 2:58 Tortoise looks up at Hare and stretches her legs and neck. 3:06 Tortoise gets ready to start the race. 3:09 Squirrel asks if they are "READY", raises the flag and counts to 3. 3:20 The flag is dropped in slow motion. page 12/13 3:27 Hare starts the race so fast that his ears blow behind him. 3:30 He begins running. 3:31 This sign for running fast shows that he gets so faahead that he gets smaller in the distance. 3:32 He leaves a cloud of dust behind him. 3:35 Tortoise, still at the starting line, gets a face full of dust and she starts to walk. Page 14/15 3:48 Hare runs down the winding path with his ears flying behind him. 3:49 He runs so fast around the winding curves that he leans into each curve. 3:50 Alisha represents Hare's whole body (from a distance) ahe runs the winding hilly path. 3:52 Hare stops quickly and looks back toward along the path. 3:57 He makes fun of how slowly Tortoise is moving. 4:01 He says, "I have plenty of time." 4:03 He spots a tree, walks over and sits down under it. 4:07 He has an idea about a carrot. Pullit out from his coat pocket and muncheit while getting sleepy. 4:14 He falls asleep. Page 16/17 4:24 Tortoise plods on the trail. 4:28 Alisha represents Tortoise's whole body (for a distance) and she runs the winding hilly path. 4:31 Tortoise walks with something swarming in her face. Alisha spells f-l-i-e-s. 4:34 Tortoise swats them. 4:35 She keeps plodding. The sun is HOT. 4:39 She sweats. 4:41 She still keeps going. 4:43 She goeup a really steep hill. She almost flips over backwards, but keeps going up and over the hill. Page 18/19 4:56 As Tortoise walks, an animal walks up to him from the left. 4:58 The animal feeds her a water bottle with a straw and helps her drink it. 5:00 Tortoise gives it back. 5:02 Tortoise watches another animal comes up from the left. It pours water on Tortoise. 5:05 As she walks, she sees the animals lined up cheering. . 5:09 She looks to her left and spots Hare under the tree. 5:13 Invigorated, she smiles as she moves more quickly to the finish line. Page 20/21 5:19 She walks quickly toward the cheering crowd. 5:26 The animals clap and wave her on. 5:30 The clap using an ASL sign for clap. 5:32 Tortoise keeps going. 5:34 Hare feels the ground shake and wakes up. 5:37 He sees Tortoise approaching the finish line and panics. Page 22/23 5:45 "I CAN'T LOSE!" 5:51 Ears flapping behind his head, Hare runs as fast as he can. 5:55 He trips as he crosses the finish line, goes flying and lands on his hands. Page 24/25 6:02 The story goes back in time to right after Tortoise sees Hare. 6:04 Hare approaches the finish line and the cheering animals. 6:08 Tortoise approaches the tape at the finish line. 6:10 She looks over her shouldeand sees Hare running toward the finish line. She watches Hare trip. 6:11 She breaks the tape with her nose. 6:14 The animals cheer. 6:17 The come toward Tortoise. 6:18 Tortoise standup on her hind legand  cheers. Page  26/27 6:28 Hare bends his head in shame. 6:32 He looks back at Tortoise and around at the animals. 6:35 The animals stare at him. 6:37 He hides his face and sneaks off. Page 28 6:43 Alisha signs SLOW. 6:49 Alisha points to Tortoise and says she kept going. 6:50 Alisha signs WIN. WIN.
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