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Action Script The Boy Who Cried Wolf Page 1 :10 He scanned a large area looking at sheep :16 He sat on that hill all day (and it seemed like a very long time). Page 2/3 :30 He was content looking around for a while :33 Then he noticed a big rock and walked up to it. :35 He got up on the rock and was happy for a while as he looked around. :39 He got tired of that, and then noticed a grassy area. :43 He got off the rock and walked over to the grass and sat down cross-legged. :46 He watched for a long time leaning on his elbow - sitting on the ground. :51 He got tired of that and laid on his tummy, with propping up his head with both elbows. :58 He gets bored again. 1:00 The narrator says the boy was bored.1:11 Page 4/5 1:11 This page starts with a transition from the previous page.  The boy still is leaning on his elbows. 1:13 He is bored as he counts the sheep.  They are spread out all over the hill. 1:24 He decides to lay on his side and gets bored again. 1:32 He notices that he could roll down the hill. 1:38 He lays on his side, puts his arms to the side and rolls. 1:43 He stands up, goes back up the hill, and does it again. 1:52 He wipes the grass off and goes back up the hill. 1:55 He is bored again. 2:00 The narrator says he is still bored. Page 6/7 2:09 He thinks about what to do. 2:011 He has the idea of dancing.  He dances until he notices the tree. 2:19 He dances around the tree until he gets bored. 2:31 He thinks about climbing the tree. 2:35 He walks up to the tree, climbs up, and then notices a big branch. 2:43 He grabs the branch and pulls himself up onto it. 2:48 He slides out on the branch 2:57 He swings his legs, looking around until he gets bored. 3:12 He looks down and decides to jump out of the tree.  He jumps. 3:24 He lands on the ground and stands on his hands. 3:34 He wobbles while standing on his hands, and then falls down. 3:40 He wipes of the grass and then says he is bored. Page 8/9 3:53 He thinks about what to do 3:58 He has an idea and walks up to the top of the hill. 4:03 He sees the people below and gets their attention.. 4:11 He lets the reader in on his secret. 4:18 He calls, "Wolf" and tells them to come. Page 10/11 4:31 The people at the bottom stop doing what they were doing and look up. 4:34 One villager hears something. 4:36 He (or she) gets the attention of other villagers and tells them to come. 4:38 A group of them run up the hill. 4:41 The boy watches them come towards him. 4:44 The keep running up and get closer to the boy (who is happy) 4:48 They ask where the wolf is. 4:51 He says there is no wolf and that he was having fun. 4:56 They are annoyed and when they say "no wolf". Page 12/13 5:02 4 people walk up to the boy. 5:05 The thin old woman  walks up to him, and very frustrated, shakes her fist. 5:10 The boy reacts. 5:11 A farmer, walks up mad and stomps his foot. 5:15 The boy reacts. 5:18 A litle girl walks up (notice the she walks differently) and sticks out her tongue in a little girl way and spits on the boy. 5:22 He wipes the spit off of his face. 5:25 The older brother walks directly up to him and is exasperated. 5:30 The boy reacts. Page 14/15 5:38 The narrator says the boy did try to be good. 5:43 He played and rolled down the hill. 5:46 He whistled. 5:47 He danced. 5:49 The narrator says the boy was still bored. Page 16/17 6:00 The boy is frustrated and can't figure out what to do. 6:07 He has an idea and decides to go ahead and do it again. 6:09 He goes back up the hill. 6:11 He calls down that the wolf is there. He laughs while doing it. 6:18 The people look up.  They've heard something again. 6:22 They run up the hill again. 6:24 The boy smiles as they come. 6:26 AS they get closer, he stops smiling. 6:29 They ask where the wolf is. 6:32 He looks up at them and says there is no wolf. 6:34 A villager is mad when he says there is no wolf. Page 18/19 6:43 4 vilagers walk up to the boy. 6:44 The skinny old woman shakes both fists. 6:50 The boy reacts. 6:52 The farmer walks up, lets the boy know he's mad, and then throws down his hat. 6:57 The boy reacts. 6:59 The little girl walks up in a little girl way, and jumps up and down. 7:03 The boy reacts. 7:06 The older brother comes up, and the boy gets scared. 7:09 The boy runs away with his brother chasing him. Page 20/21 7:18 Many people go up to the boy and tell him not to cry( wolf) if there is no wolf. 7:29 The boy reacts. 7:31 One villager tells the other villagers to go back down the hill.  They go. Page 22/23 7:43 The boy is frustrated that they are mad when he was just playing. 7:49 He walks over to the rock and sits down, in a bad mood.  He pouts. 7:57 He looks around. 8:03 He sees something. 8:06 He sees the wolf walking. 8:10 It has point ears, squinty eyes.  Dee shows all the wolf's teeth. 8:14 The boy is scared and cries "wolf!". Page 24/25 8:25 The boy runs back up the hill. 8:29 He yells to the people below that the wolf is "here". 8:35 The old woman, walking with her cane, looks up and then ignores him. 8:40 The farmer, stops hoeing, looks up and then keeps hoeing. 8:45 The little girl pauses jumping rope, looks up, and then keeps jumping. 8:53 The older brother pauses his walking, looks up, and then continues walking. Page 26/27 9:08 The people did not go running up the hill. 9:14 The ship were missing from all the places they had been before. 9:18 There were none left. 9:19 The boy was surprised. 9:21 The narrator says that the boy is not bored, he is very very sad. Page 28 9:33 The narrator says the boy never lied again. 9:39 The narrator, talking to the reader, says if you lie over and over people will not trust you.
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