A New Way of Experiencing American Sign Language and English
ASL Tales – Perfect Supplement to your Teaching Toolkit Fun Learning = Positive Outcomes Students are inspired by what they CAN understand. Depiction-rich storytelling includes complex ASL grammar and inspires successful learning. Zone of Proximal Development ASL Tales accommodates different learning styles and abilities Teachers can select texts for differing student competencies and learning outcomes All Students can find a comfort "zone" and build from there. Sample Teaching Opportunities ASL 1 – Building a Schema for ASL Learning Early recognition that the 2 languages present messages differently ASL and English Discourse – comparing how the languages “think”. Role shifting and point-of-view Learning how to think visually – Using ASL Clues   ASL 2 – Expressing Ideas DVD tools allow for comparative exploration of non-manual markers Learning to not think in images not vocabulary Transitions is ASL vs English Natural examples of ASL 3 – Meta-linguistic Exploration/Identifying Grammatical Features  Classifiers – Our ASL-English pairing expands ways that students think of using classifiers. ASL 4 – Honoring 2 Languages Comparing Prosody and Discourse in both languages Transitions in ASL  vs English ASL 5 – Solidifying Knowledge Study of Depiction vs Narration Review of grammatical features in context Interpreter Training Examples: Dropping form – freedom from form-bound interpretations Analyzing English to create effective ASL messages
                ASL Tales
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